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Tri-State Lumber

Located in Fulton, Mississippi, Tri-State Lumber Company is the oldest entity of all our divisions. Within Homan Industries, Tri-State’s function is the operation of our dry kilns, planer mill, treating plant, and lumber sales. Although Tri-State’s market area has historically been the North East, Midwest, and the Deep South, we are reaching customers on the West Coast and abroad. We ship our product throughout the United States and internationally.

We seek to manufacture and position our product as some of the highest quality lumber in the industry. We take pride in the quality of our products and for this reason all #1 grade products are packaged with the #2 grade products allowing our customers to always purchase a truly #2 and better product. Quality is also of key importance at our treating facility. At the planer mill, we were one of the first companies in the United States to spray our product with a mold and fungus inhibitor. At our treating facility we not only have in-plant testing, but also get third party inspection, and warranty our treated product.  In addition to in-plant testing, the quality of all of our products is assured by Southern Pine Inspection Bureau and Timber Products Inspection. At Homan Industries we are focused on quality and our products prove it!

Our Process

1. Dry Kiln

2. Planer Shot

3. Treating Plant



Phone: 662-862-2125
Fax: 662-862-4900
105 Homan Road
United States, 38843, Fulton, MS