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Homan Logistics

In an effort to solve the logistics problems facing our own company, Homan Transportation was formed and has now evolved into providing logistics solutions for many other independent companies.

Homan Logistics strives to lower your freight costs and provide timely shipments of our product. We do this through a combination of rail and truck shipments. We have a direct connection to the BNSF railroad and intermodal options to load on both the Norfolk Southern and Kansas City Southern. If you have a rail connection on any of these three lines we can save you money on your next lumber shipment!

With our experienced staff, Homan Logistics offers a wide variety of services specializing in, but not limited to, the lumber industry. Through the use of our national carrier network, we provide our customers with quick and efficient service and are eager to help you with any of your transportation needs.

Our Process

1. Truck Capabilities

2. Railway Capabilities

3. Independent Loads



Phone: 662-862-2125
Fax: 662-862-4900
105 Homan Road
United States, 38843, Fulton, MS