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Homan Forest Products

Also located in Fulton, Mississippi, is one of our southern yellow pine sawmills. Operated by Homan Forest Products, this division’s production capacity is 140,000 board feet per shift. All timbers are manufactured into standard dimensions of 4” x 4” to 10’ x 10”, 8 feet to 30 feet in length. Customized Order: Up to 24×24 up to 40 feet.

In all divisions, corporate practices promote environmental responsibility. Total tree consumption is achieved by recycling all by-products. Bark is used for mulch and fuel for co-generation. Sawdust is processed for co-generation. Chips go for conversion into paper and planer shavings are used to manufacture particle board.

Homan Forest is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. We promote sustainable forestry management practices and full utilization of the resource. As part of this effort we also process chips, bark, and residual material into useful products for the energy, paper, agriculture, and landscape markets.

Our Process

1. Log Yard

2. Loader

3. Saw Mill



Phone: 662-862-2125
Fax: 662-862-4900
105 Homan Road
United States, 38843, Fulton, MS